About Cowan Restoration

Why Choose Cowan?

A One Stop Shop

Cowan offers an extensive range of professional services for all your restoration requirements. The convenience of having a dedicated Project Coordinator reduces your time and cost associated with each Claim.

Immediate Help 24/7, Anywhere in Australia

Cowan will, when required, implement immediate preservation measures to prevent the possibility of further damage and escalating costs. In this way, damage and inconvenience is minimized from the beginning of the claim. Importantly, site safety is also maintained immediately.


Cowan are what you need, when and where you need us. Restoration work can be completed either at the contaminated site with the use of our mobile Disaster Recovery Team, or contaminated items can also be transported off site to one of our many restoration facilities.

Qualified Specialists

Cowan actively promotes and pursues ongoing training for our staff. Our leadership team are also active participants at industry conferences and events, ensuring that we are constantly exposed to industry ‘best practice’ and developing trends.

Dedicated Disaster Recovery Team

Cowan’s dedicated Disaster Recovery Team is designed to provide a rapid initial response to any major incident. The Team is supported by a fleet of purpose-built vehicles to allow the establishment of a temporary site presence and support services, including mobile restoration and back-office facilities. Cowan is not a franchise group or an association group, Cowan can therefore direct our specialist staff and equipment from anywhere in Australia where and when required.

24 Hours, 7 Days a Week, 52 Weeks a Year

We don’t close. Your business is our business.