Dedicated Disaster Recovery Team

Cowan recognises that not all insurance claims are the same and require different approaches to mitigating loss and damage. Higher value claims often require more time, detailed care and focussed management in order to properly assess the damage and determine what actions are necessary to implement immediate mitigation measures.

In light of the growing need to properly address high value and large scale events; Cowan has established a dedicated disaster recovery team to manage major insurance events together with those insurance claims requiring specific expertise.

Through the establishment of this team, Cowan ensures that it can provide the necessary quality and customer service levels with a focus on reducing insurance claim costs through minimising further resultant damage and loss of business.

Cowan has been an innovator in the mobile restoration service space in Australia and it now offers:

1. Mobile site/conference facilities through our dedicated mobile site office.

One phone call to Cowan and we can now provide you with an office environment where you can:

  • Hold meetings with the insured,
  • Have access to the internet,
  • Print reports as well as have a coffee in a heated and air-conditioned environment instead of meeting in car parks or standing in a damaged building with no facilities.

2. Mobile restoration facilities direct to site.

We have semi-trailers which have been purpose built to enable restoration activities to be performed on site:

  • Our electronics trailer can house activity cleaning the computers, main frames, laptops, etc. which can provide critical and valuable information straight away as you are holding your first meeting on site with the insured in our mobile board room,
  • At the same time, the emergency general contents can be cleaned in our mobile contents cleaning work shop.

Cowan specialises in major insurance loss events. Cowan have large commercial trailer mounted dehumidifiers together with Ice blasting equipment and one of the largest fleet of drying equipment and odour control machinery in Australia ready to deploy in order to mitigate loss and damage.