Restoration Services

Fire Contamination

Fire Damage Inventory & Pack out of Contents

Extensive fire damage to buildings may require the contents to be packed out. The contents may obstruct the structural rebuilding or not be secure against theft and further damage if left on site.

In these circumstances, Cowan can fully inventory the contents, transport them off site, restore them and store them until the building works are completed. They will then be returned to the site.

Fire Damaged General Contents

General and miscellaneous contents such as dishes, chairs, knick-knacks, tables, pictures and the like may require cleaning as appropriate depending on the varying degrees and types of damage.

Cowan has trained technicians who will be able to assess which items can be restored and what types of cleaning are required. For example, items that have suffered from heat are treated differently from items that have suffered only smoke damage. Further, items that are contaminated in a greasy fire are handled differently from items out of a protein fire.

Fire Damaged Hard Surfaces

Hard Surface Cleaning / Restoration can vary from job to job due to the fact that all fires are different. The difference can be in heat, type of soot, the type of finish and even the previous condition of the item.

Cowan has an extensive knowledge of the different types of cleaning techniques, handling and odour control that is required at the time of cleaning.

Fire Damaged Soft Furniture

Soft furniture must be treated differently as the smoke and odour have been pushed into the item through the outer layer. The outer surface of the item acts like a filter and stops the contamination from being pushed inside the item, hence the contamination is external but the odour is internal. Cowan staff are trained in the relevant restoration techniques.