Restoration Services

Water Contamination

Water Damaged Carpet

In 80% of cases water damaged carpet can be restored if handled correctly. At Cowan we restore wet carpets with the following processes:

1. Extraction to remove excess water, minimizing any secondary damage.
2. Turn back and/or take up the carpet (or leave down direct stick carpet).
3. Treat the affected area with an anti-bacterial product.
4. The installation of drying equipment, with the understanding of what equipment and how much equipment should be used.
5. Inspect the carpet when dry and check it using moisture meters.
6. Install new underlay and re-install the carpet.
7. Steam clean the carpet using specialized restoration chemicals.

At Cowan we also understand that moisture readings are important and must be recorded, and that the carpet may be laid on timber flooring, which will require drying ASAP.

Water Damaged Furniture

Water damaged furniture is dried and checked for internal moisture, as the inside of soft furniture is an area where mould can grow without being seen. This also applies to hard furniture, which requires special attention after water damage. Quick action is required for water damaged furniture, and at Cowan we specialize in fast efficient service.

Water Damaged General Contents

Cowan knows that as well as carpet, any contents which may be on or underneath the floor at the time of the flood, may also be affected. These general items require drying and in some cases, restoration works. The Cowan water damage technicians can advise you of the actions needed.